The days are long but the years are short

‘The tired years’ – that’s what I’m calling this season of my life. And I do have to remind myself daily in the midst of crying babies and tantruming toddlers, piles of laundry and unending to-do lists, that it is just that – a season. Being a parent is HARD. Much harder than I imagined. The love I have for my kids is also much stronger than I ever imagined too! It’s this extreme tiredness and frustration alongside this overwhelming ‘I would do anything for you’ love, that sums up parenthood. And I can switch between both feelings in seconds!

‘The days are long but the years are short’. This phrase rings so true with me. I can hope for tricky days and long nights to pass quickly, for phases of teething and asking ‘why’ hundreds of times a day to be over, but already I look back and think ‘how fast did that go?!’, ‘how big did my babies get?!’

In the long days I remind myself that the years are short and before I know it my little ones won’t need me to sing to them or cuddle them or help them do their coat up. My sons tiny chubby hands will one day be bigger and stronger than mine. imageI’ll be asking him to carry things for me. I’ll undoubtedly get to a point where I embarrass them. But right now – they are proud to know me, telling others ‘that’s MY mum’, and wanting more than anything to play and spend time with me. So sometimes I stop and take a mental (or actual!) snap shot of a precious moment and savor it for as long as I can. Those are the moments that keep you going in these tired years.


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