Turning 30

I recently turned 30 and in the lead up to it I started to feel a bit sad. 30 in my head had always seemed so old. But I still feel so young! I often say to my husband ‘can you believe we’re old enough to be responsible for two kids?!’

To prove how young I still feel despite the large ’30’ candles staring me in the face, I bought some dungarees and pierced my nose…!


This quarter life crisis occurred in a subconscious effort to ensure that I wouldn’t slip into becoming a frumpy mummy who didn’t make an effort anymore. I can still be cool and pull off these things 20 year olds are wearing! Sort of.

But in fact being 30 doesn’t suck so much. My husband threw an amazing surprise party for me (major brownie points) and I realised that actually 30 is a really great age. I am known and loved by the people that matter the most, and more importantly I know who I am and what I like.

My late teens and early twenties were all about working out who I was and what I liked in the midst of being a natural born people pleaser. I would easily adapt what I liked to fit in, so it took a little time for me to unravel what it was I was actually in to. Marrying my husband helped that as I could be completely myself around him and he loved me for me, so that boosted my confidence.

Late 20s have been about maturing, being more sure of who I am (the good things and the things I need to work on) and learning to being ok with it.

I still don’t know what I want to do when I ‘grow up’ and I haven’t got it sorted, but I’m definitely further along the line! Comparison will always be something I’ll be battling against but hopefully my 30s will be a lot more about me being completely me.


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