3 essential beauty products for a tired mumma

I’m tired. Like ALL the time. I’m one of those mums that just hasn’t been blessed with children who sleep well. And in my sleep deprived state I may have mentally punched other mums in the face whose babies slept through the night at 6 weeks or who have to wake their kids up at 9am so they can leave the house. Ha. IN MY DREAMS. (Not that I actually sleep long or deep enough before I’m woken up to actually experience dreams). I know it’s not their ‘fault’ but sometimes it’s hard to hear! Anyhow…whether your kids sleep or not as a parent you’re tired, so I’ve come across a few products that are now essential for me to trick myself and others into thinking I’ve slept more than a few hours and can face the day ahead:

1. Dry shampooimage
Is it just me or does hair washing day just come around way too quickly?! It’s such a long process and with two kids sometimes I just don’t have the time. Enter dry shampoo. Always Bastise. I’ve tried other brands, they just don’t work the same. Instantly makes greasy hair look clean and I look like a super mum who managed to shower that day.

2. Under- eye concealerimage
I use Clinique’s airbrush concealer in 04 neutral fair. It’s £19 (eeek cries my mum budget) but lasts me around 6 months and I use it every day under my eye and on my eye lids. It instantly makes my dark circles lighter and its not cakey. I’m sure other ones are great too, this is just the one I use. Make-up in general really helps me look and feel more awake – for more tips check out my ‘make your face up’ blog.

3. Waitrose bottom butterimage
Use this delicious vanilla smelling stuff for your baby’s bum as nappy rash protection, and then as night cream for your face! We tired mums need multi- purpose products and it’s much cheaper than a night cream (at £3.20!). It’s pure ingredients will hydrate your tired skin and make your face feel as soft as a baby’s bum 🍑. Winner.


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