Why I do actually love being a mum…

A friend of mine recently fell pregnant and one of my first thoughts when she told me was – well I’m glad my blog hasn’t put you off! I realised that although my desire is to write truthfully and without a shiny haze over everything, it could come across that I feel really negatively about being a mum – which isn’t the case.

I would say that for the most part of my day I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. I get teary at the thought of how much I love them, more than I do about how hard it is.

You may have noticed it’s all I talk about and take photos of – sorry if that’s annoying but to be honest #sorrynotsorry – they are my everything at the moment. My job, my days off, my hobby, my evenings, my family, all I have time to think about, my night life, my little friends, my life: 24/7. So what do you expect?! I literally don’t do anything else right now. And each little thing  they do or say I want to record, and also pat myself on the back that we reached another milestone, that I helped them achieve something and there was meaning to my long days!

I could not imagine my life without them in it now. They make my heart full and have added so much joy to our family. Every day there’s at least one moment where I squeeze them so tight to savour their smell and littleness and hold on to it all before they get too big. I am proud and in love and overwhelmed that I get these little people to look after and, as hard as it is, I want time to please s-l-o-w down. I already feel sad at the thought of them moving out of home! Yep I’m gonna be one of those mums!

So…I thought I’d write a list for prospective parents about what I love about being a mum so that all my other blogs don’t totally burst your dreamy pre-baby bubble.

1. Did I mention the love you feel for them ?! It’s like nothing else and you can’t explain it.
2. When they say they love you of their own accord – it literally melts your heart.
3. Having an unselfish purpose in life.
4. Snuggles.
5. Doing more active things.
6. Being the only one they want if they are feeling sad/are hurt or want to share something happy.
7. Seeing yourself in them.
8. Tiny fingers wrapped around yours.
9. We have so much fun.
10. Getting to watch kids films.
11. The hilarious and heart-warming things they come out with.
12. I get to influence two tiny lovely people – what an honour and responsibility!
13. Their child-like faith and viewpoint teaching me as much as I teach them.
14. Doing things you loved doing as a child all over again.
15. (Often) using them as an excuse to get out of awkward social situations.
16. Eating left over kids snacks.
17. Our family being full of life, noise and busyness – I am rarely lonely.
18. Lots of coffee and cake dates.
19. Making new parent friends.
20. Just the whole bringing a new person into the world and watching them learn and grow is pretty incredible!

So when you wonder why parents like me decide to go on to have more kids, despite the truthful account I tell of lack of sleep and raging tantrums, here is your answer.

Plus some strange biological/ hormonal thing that seems to happen…oh and a lack of memory!



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  1. Jo says:

    Thank you for shining a light on the joy of parenthood! This is so beautifully written and something all parents can relate to. xx


  2. I agree completely with your list. I didn’t think I wanted kids but I’m so glad I finally got round to becoming a parent later in life. Utterly knackered most days but I could talk about them for hours. To avoid boring my friends I write about them instead! #BISS


    1. vixblythe says:

      Thanks! Yeah so tired but so worth it! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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