Review of Younique’s Moonstruck 3D Fibre Lashes

I’ve been looking at getting a new mascara for a while now and came across the 3D lashes by Younique, so I thought I’d try it out and review it.

It arrived and I instantly loved the packaging (who isn’t a sucker for packaging!) and the cute little pouch it comes with to store the wands in. You get two wands – one ‘transplanting gel’ and one ‘3D fibres’.

It’s simple really, you apply the gel first, then the fibres, then the gel again to seal it. Or if it’s easier to remember, big wand, small wand and then big wand again.

It takes slightly longer than the normal mascara as you have to apply three layers to get the effect but it’s definitely worth it. And I think the first layer also looks great just on its own so you could always do that if you were pushed for time, and use the fibre lashes effect on a night out/when you’ve got more time. In these photos I have just done the process once, but I imagine you can repeat it as many times as you want to for a bigger look. In these photos ‘Both’ is when I have completed three steps, and ‘Gel only’ is when I have just done the first step. Hope that makes sense and you can see the comparisons!

I was really impressed with this mascara, and will definitely be purchasing again. It’s also waterproof and hypoallergenic. At £23 it’s more expensive than my usual mascara but it does give much better results. One to put on the Christmas list! My only tip would be to apply the mascara before you do any other make-up as the fibres can fall onto your face and it’s easier to brush these off without other makeup there already. Alternatively blow on the fibre wand first before applying.

If you want to purchase one, or any other make-up by Younique (they have lots of gorgeous products all of which are naturally based and cruelty free) click on this link and the lovely Sarah can help you out! (another ‘mum boss’ working hard doing something she loves! Good job Sarah!)


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