*Best Five* – baby products I couldn’t live without!

I’ve come across some genius products during this season with young kids that I thought I’d share. They might help you to solve some of those daily baby dilemmas…just in case no one else has enlightened you yet! I genuinely use/used these daily and have not been sponsored to promote them!

1.Sock- ons (£6 for two pairs) img_0527
Tiny, clever (slightly ugly) inventions that have been essential for my sanity. My boy, AKA the Houdini of socks, attempts to take his off just as soon as I’ve put them on so these save us a lot of infuriation and money in lost socks.


2.Munchkin miracle 360 Cup (£5-6)img_0525
I don’t know why I’m late to the party on this one. This cup is a-mazing. Babies can drink from any part of the rim and you can tip it any which way and it doesn’t leak at all. I’m not entirely sure the science of how it works but I’m just happy someone clever enough does and invented it. Also it’s just an easy twist motion to lift the lid off to re-fill it with water which is so much easier than those classic Tommy Tippee beakers where it’s impossible to get the lid off and it squirts water all over you when you put them back on. Or was that just me?

3.Lidluns pouches (50p)

img_0524If you’re doing purees, pouches are a life saver when you’re out and about, or like wise if your child feeds themselves but dislikes veg (like mine, despite baby led weaning which promised would help him be less fussy.hmm.) these are a great way to get something healthy in them. Anyways these are a steal from Lidl, at only 50p! And they are made from 100% organic fruit and veg.

4.Mumma Beads
(£12) www.blossombear.bigcartel.com

Jewellery you can wear with a baby I hear you say?! Yes! I wear one of these pretty much every day. It’s the only jewellery I can get away with whilst my boy is grabbing and chewing everything in sight. Blossom and Bear is a lovely independent mum-run shop which have a range of colours and styles. They are made from BPA free silicone beads and have a safe snap clasp. Winner winner.


5.Glow in the dark dummies
(Around £5 for two)

img_0526If your baby is a dummy user and you’re constantly fumbling around in the middle of the night desperately trying to find one to shut them up *I mean calm them down* then look no further than the glow in the dark dummy. Make sure the dummy has seen some day light and they will shine most of the night long. We found this so helpful with our princess who needed THREE dummies around her in order to sleep. We loved the MAM range that comes in a handy sterilisisable travel case.

I do hope some of these products might help make life with a little one a bit easier!

Love Vix x


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