Emergency Dinners

It’s 5’o clock…witching hour and feeding time at the zoo. Right on cue the sound of whinging begins, reminding me that it’s that time again. I need meals I can whip up in 15 minutes, whilst distracting two kids who are (sometimes literally) biting at my ankles. They also need to definitely eat it, be basic ingrediants that I’m bound to have in, and it can’t ALWAYS be fish fingers. So I thought I’d share a few super quick dinners that have come to the rescue (and are now our staples) in the hope that it might help any other struggling parents also in this emergency situation.

NB: I cannot be held responsible if  half of the time these dinners are their absolute favourite, and the other half of the time they are completely untouched or thrown on the floor-  kids like to keep you on your toes like that.

1. Pizza Wrap
 Yep you guessed it – it’s basically pizza on a wrap. Which I feel is slightly healthier than actual pizza?! Simple, quick, they love it. It’s also a great one to get the kids involved in which encourages them to eat it and try new toppings.
It doesn’t really need much explaining but here is what you need:
-A tortilla wrap
-Tomato purée/passatta
-Toppings of your choice, we normally do:
Grated courgette (sneaky way to get them to eat veg – grate everything!!)
-Put tomato purée on wrap
-Put toppings on
-Sprinkle with cheese
-Put under pre-heated grill for a couple of minutes (watch the edges don’t burn as they can do quickly)
-Cut into triangles
It’s basically a winner and you’ll thank me later.
2. Cream cheese pasta 
I used to make an actual cheese sauce from scratch to go on pasta and then I realised that I could just stir in cream cheese. Errr…hello! Revelation! So this is pretty much as simple as it sounds:
– Cook pasta with some sort of veg (I normally do peas and/or brocolli – the latter gets mushed in the sauce and they don’t really notice it #mumwin)
-Stir in some cream cheese
-Add either ham/pre-cooked chicken/smoked salmon (yeah my daughter has expensive taste) or whatever you have in.
 Because what kid doesn’t like pasta?
3. Brunch 
Brunch for dinner…so I guess we could call this Brinner?! Toast, scrambled eggs, baked beans and a sausage (even better if I’ve got any left over from the night before). Generally goes down a treat and there’s no real cooking involved.
4. Banana Icecream 

Ever wondered what to do with all those left over bananas other than banana bread?! Well I tried this and – OMG it was a hit. Which is kind of amazing considering Sienna hates bananas.


Ripe Bananas
Milk (you could use non-dairy version)

Cut bananas into chunks
Put them flat on some sort of tray and cover well
Freeze for an hour
Take them out, whizz up with some milk

And there you have it: guilt-free banana icecream. I promise it’s a good’en.

I hope you enjoy trying these quick, easy receipes and a good break from beige frozen food. However, I’ve exhausted these dinners to the max, and I need some more inspiration! So how about we help each other out: please comment below or on my Fb/Instagram post and let me know what quick and easy dinners you make for your little ones. I need help!
Thanks fellow parents! #weareallinthistogether
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